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Default Proof of concept

I recorded this short jam test using real 4-channel acoustic drums, my electric bass, and a couple of tracks of my electric guitars for some audio tracks.

Then I put an instance of Guitar Rig on my rhythm guitar and another instance of it on the bass, to load the system up a bit, and to put a bit more grunge on them. Then I added Kontakt and tracks for orchestral strings, orchestral brass, Hammond organ, and piano for some virtual instruments.

Here's the link to the test project, and you can see all the plugins used, performance, and latency in the screen captures which I grabbed, and uploaded at the same time as typing this post and having REAPER in the background playing the song in repeat mode.

The hardware is a 2.66Ghz i5 from 2009 and a couple M-Audio 2496 cards from 1998.

Here's the audio:

Hear My Music - Click Me!!!

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