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Originally Posted by MT_ View Post
What would Reaper 6.0 do at OS-level zoom of 300% or 400%? Would the theme be automatically scaled accordingly, or would the theme scale be limited to 200% (and therefore Reaper GUI would be 1.5x [at 300% OS-level zoom] or 2x [at 400%] smaller than should be)? Thanks.
The V6 theme would limit you to 200%, because that's as high as I made it go. So at 400% you'd get a half size 200% theme. But if I went to the effort of doing a load of 400% images, my expectation is that would totally work fine.

Remember, this is all about removing the blurriness from autoscaled images. If you were okay with them, you could (still being 400% guy) go into the theme and tell it that 400% is a real size and then point it at the 200% images to use. That should work.

This is all brand new, so please note that I haven't actually tested all the permutations yet, but so far as a HiDPI system its pretty damn robust and future proof for a bitmap based UI.
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