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Can you direct me to the midi implementation docs for the novation...u pick which one of the two units.
Start with just getting one fader going.

....I read thru these posts. This should be very doable. Klinkes csurf out to mtp .....converts to hui....sends to novation advanced mode (if that sends/recieves hui commands).... Novation hui out to mtp ..converts to klinke(reaper).
The first thing is to get the ports right in mtp. I know its weird at first, but it will become clearer.

Sorry, but do you own MiditranslatorPro? Pro is important because that's the version that supports 16 byte midi commands. The whole hui protocol is all based on two midi messages per function..16 bytes. One button press...2 midi commands. One button release..two midi commands.


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