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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Hah, what a coincidence - I was just hacking around with Bitwig scripts at the moment, and have already been looking into his scripts lately.
I am the author of the Bitwig script. The Remotes are a nightmare to program because of this Automap thingy and the hidden Midi channel :-/

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Now, I don't quite understand yet what "Ableton Automap mode" implies, but perhaps it
makes sense to try and follow the basics of this approach (i.e. using this configuration and CC numbers, but rolling your own lay-out for use with REAPER), using an OSCII-bot script?
The "Ableton Automap mode" is basically Automap but running on the normal midi devices and not the hidden one. I guess they had to do that workaround because Ableton is using a similar scripting approach like Bitwig (but with Python instead of JavaScript). However, there are some limitations: You can not use the Automap specific buttons like user, fx, etc. which is a shame.

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Btw, I'm wondering, can you somehow easily set the device to "Ableton Automap mode" without sending SysEx?

BTW: Since I also use Reaper (I am a multi-DAW weirdo ;-)), it would be great if they would come up with a similar open script API as Bitwig!
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