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Originally Posted by Deffe View Post
What are those "Klinke extensions" for? Never heard of it ...
It's a variation on the basic MCU control. FYI, I'm using it with an X-Touch, so I can't speak for the X-Touch One.

The X Touch worked somewhat in Reaper with the standard MCU setting---the faders, panning, transport, etc.---but there were a bunch of buttons that weren't doing anything. Basically the Klinke extension just greatly expands the functionality of the X-Touch (or other MCU-type surface). Plus it allows you to assign 128 custom Reaper actions to various buttons/combinations of buttons.

You can check it out here:

If you follow the instructions in the OP, it should work, with one possible exception. She says, "Some buttons on the right are assignable (like the buttons next to GLOBAL VIEW). Check "Special Key" in the Action Window to assign a MIDI button on the X-Touch to an action."

In my experience, checking "Special Key" was not necessary. What IS necessary is to make sure that "Absolute" is selected in the MIDI CC pull-down menu. (See attached.)

Like I said, though, this is for the X Touch. I'm not sure if the same applies for the X Touch One.
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