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Originally Posted by MEMFIS_AKA View Post
Color gradient on notes! I want to remove it and make it simple flat
Try to work around midi_note_colormap.png but it's not help
You'll have to do it there in the midi_note_colormap.png.

First, are you editing it for the notes colored by velocity? That would be the steps 1-5 in the colormap example picture from the earlier link.

Steps 1-3: You'll make a 1 pixel wide 64 pixels tall strip for the unselected notes. Single color there if you want flat unselected notes. Then one pixel border below. Then 64 pixel tall strip for the selected notes below that. Again, single color if you want flat selected notes. Now you have a one pixel wide strip for the notes with velocity 0.

Step 4: Make that strip 128 pixels wide. That will cover all the velocities.

Step 5: If you want different coloring for different velocities, you'll do it here, for example from your darkish brown on left to orange on right gradient. Take a look for example at default theme midi note colormap and you'll see how it works.
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