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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
Hey Dannii, that's the same exact model I have. Unfortunately it stopped working.

At first it just got to where it wouldn't play once in a while. It kept getting worse as time went along and then stopped altogether. I have a feeling it might have something to do with a little switch inside that works when you open and close the door but that's just a hunch.

Have you had any problems like that?

I've got lots of old DATs I would like to get on disc.
Were you getting random glitches with playback or was it just refusing to play altogether? If you got random glitchiness, that would most likely be heads (possibly just needing a clean). If it just refused to play altogether, I'd be looking at tape sensor switches. I'm not sure if these have a 'position' switch but wouldn't be surprised if they do. Such position switches were common in video decks and were a common cause of problems. Since DAT decks are very similar to video decks (helical scanning head system), I'd assume they have similar tape sensing systems.

The only problems I ever had with DA30's were dirty heads. They were generally very reliable units, typical of most Tascam tape systems.
Originally Posted by Dannii View Post
I just purchased NI Komplete 8 (includes Kontakt 5) and am waiting for it to arrive. I dare say, when it does arrive, I'll be adding to my 'best plugin'(s) ever reply here!!
Well, after a few weeks of owning Komplete 8, I must add it to my 'must have' list.
Here's my current 'must have' shortlist:

Izotope Ozone 5 Advanced
Izotope RX2 Advanced (absolutely AMAZING noise reduction and spectral repair tool)
Valhalla Room
Superior Drummer 2
Nasty DLA
NI Komplete 8
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