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It takes time to go into the level of detail IK does. From the studio custom built to record the new sample library, to the new instruments we bought, to the recording of 1 note, hundreds of times at multiple velocities and then you have to edit those hundreds of samples per note, per instrument and then the actual plug in development.

Say whatever you want to say, you'll remember all of this when it comes out. EVERYONE will take notice when its released. Til then you can always get SampleTank 2.5 XL or any of our other great workstations because their sound libraries will always be compatible with newer versions of SampleTank. We are effectively taking instruments and preserving them for future use. Maintaining an old Tron, Wurlitzer or Rhodes can cost a lot of $$$. When for less than the cost of fixing or restoring one you can get that sound plus tons more in Total Workstation 2.
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