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Originally Posted by synkrotron View Post

Yeah, more than likely. I've not used Affinity that much and I'm generally going with the defaults. I need to suss that out but in the meantime it's easier to whack an image into Gimp to make sure those pink and yellow lines are to spec. Only takes another minute or so...

Ah, so you have heard of it then?

I only happened across it when I was trying to design custom decals for the racing game Gran Turismo. I needed something that would save files as SVG. I tried Inkscape but found it a bit limiting (to me anyway). So I searched for other vector graphics packages and found Affinity Designer.

Much too powerful for my basic needs but it is always handy having a vector graphics tool around
I just started using Affinity, as I've got regular work that requires vectors now. Before I would use Anime Studio, as I had it lying around and it had easy, intuitive drawing tools.

Affinity is pretty good, it's been so many years since I used Illustrator that I don't remember what I'm missing. Some areas are still lacking though - no vector pattern fill like cross-hatch has been a bummer that I'm still trying to find a workaround for.

Still, compared to what I would spend for years of subscription for Illustrator, I'm more than happy with it.
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