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After some CSI-style forensic analysis, channelling David Caruso with his head bent and looking quizzical over my shoulder ....

I think I might have found the problem

Have a look at the left-hand screenshot below:
-- I removed the composite_overlay file to prevent the colour changes
-- I made 4 Undo buttons in the MIDI Editor toolbar and mapped a different image file to each one.
-- the only one that looks correct is the third one, it was 92x32 pixels with Power of Pink corners.
-- the other three were 1 pixel low and only 29 pixels high
-- the text in the "text icon" buttons was 1 pixel adrift too.

Then, I removed the toolbar_blank.png file - the result is the top-right screenshot
-- all four buttons look correct.
-- but I'm not sure where the "text icon" buttons found a background image

I edited toolbar_blank.png and made it a 90x30, no pink image file. The result is in the lower-right screenshot
-- again all 4 look OK.

So the problem seems to be the combination of 90x30 image files with a 92x32, Power of Pink toolbar_blank.png file. Can you confirm that?
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