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OK, I can confirm that there is unexpected oddness when you use the images from special stock toolbar buttons as custom toolbar images.

* Glib fix : Don't do that.
* Bug fix cures all : The positioning could be fixed, it is a bug after all, but you'd still have the composite overlay spoiling the party, so even after the fix had been actioned my advice would remain : don't do that. So its not the most compelling bug fix


"But wait!" I hear you cry, "I was quite reasonably trying to put a stock toolbar button in a different location, the ME." In the case of undo, that's fine, it has no special behaviour : click to do. But others have on/off states and one even (grrrr) has three states. And that stuff doesn't work when reused elsewhere.

So I would suggest an FR : when you pull a special stock toolbar button into a custom location, it could notice its special-ness, grab its stock image and do its special behaviour.

...which would be what the user wanted in the first place (for a woo slickness win) and would render the positioning error irrelevant.


But, hang on, if we're FRing, lets actually think this through.
  • The stock toolbar buttons have legacy behaviours that are not compatible with the more modern custom toolbar buttons, on both a theme-image and user-interaction level. Inconsistency bleh.
  • This trips up themers, who should be the folks who understand it.
  • This trips up users, who shouldn't be expected or required to understand it.
  • the 3 state button (ripple edit) doth grievous offend my professional sensibilities. 3 states is not a button, its a spinner / dropdown / other thing.
Setting theme&interaction behaviour, setting how images are used, fixing up legacy behaviours without breaking backwards compatibility, opening up potential for enhanced future use with reduced dev load ...we've been here before. A solution was generated that could apply here too. WALTER

So that would be my FR : WALTER of the toolbar behaviour (not positioning etc, yet).
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