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Originally Posted by +NRG View Post
That did it... Text toolbars look great!
It was an easy fix.
Thanks for letting me know about the issue.

Originally Posted by +NRG View Post
I like the 'folder indent disabled' layout in the TCP. It's still very clear to see what is what...
That would be a thank you to White Tie.
It's one he did for the v2 & v3 themes to use in later Reaper versions.
All of the TCP layouts except for the Separators are his with minor tweaks for the meter and the FXin button.

Most of the layouts in the MPC are also just tweaked versions of his layouts.
The Narrow, Strip and both of their minimal variants were originally named 'compact'.
I split them into 2 different categories, then tweaked them quite a bit to better suit my tastes.

The following are the layouts I added:
- MPC Big Meter
- MPC Sidebar
- MPC Master Big Meter
- MPC Master Big Meter MK2
- TCP & MPC Separators

Originally Posted by +NRG View Post
Meters look cool and fit in well with everything else.

Nice work! I'll be keeping this theme on my laptop B)

Thank you!
I was pretty happy with them once I made the change.
Wish there was a way to make them look like that in Reaper v2 & v3.
The theme still looks pretty good in those versions, though.

Glad to hear it's working well for you.


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