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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Damn, you know this makes me realize that a vocal element really is kinda important in music for whatever reason. They just provide instant emotion that wasn't there before (if they don't suck utterly ofc). I guess that's part of why vocal chopping is such a thing, and auto tune and all the other ways non-singers can get vox into their tracks.

I actually really like singing. Along with other voices anyway. My results tend to fuck up my songs most of the time but I'm probably a bit too hard on myself.
Yeah, music does a feel a bit desolate without voices, and it must feel more "yours" when you're audible there. But all I do to remedy that is use radio samples and bits like this. Wouldn't ever risk using my own voice, no amounts of autotune would help here

I need to figure out how to load this breathy stretched sound into a sampler and made it playable by hand. Shame I'm a sampler-moron. Maybe I should set myself a deadline to learn how to set a sampler patch up.

Originally Posted by Dark Fader View Post
@zeekat It looks like you have totally failed to procrastinate. Well done! How does it feel?
I didn't! It was just a tiny proof of concept, there's still a chance to fail. If you're obsessive enough, six weeks is nothing!
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