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Default LCS_Default_2.0 :: Updated 10/14/20 - additional updates

Available on Stash

A 'dark' version is also available: LCS_Default_2.0_Dark

Built from Reaper v2 Default.
Default 2 is what Reaper looked like when I started using it.
I was curious to see what I could do with it and this is what I came up with.
I added several new layouts for the MPC and the Master MPC, but the other layouts are based on fallback defaults White Tie created for older themes to use in Reaper 4, 5 & 6.
see the CHANGES MADE and ADDITIONAL MADE sections below for details.

Copy the 'LCS_Default_2.0.ReaperThemeZip' file in your 'Reaper/ColorThemes' folder

- This theme is best used with 1080 and lower resolutions.
- This theme is compatible with Reaper 6, but does not use the Theme Adjuster
- The Recinput is only available in the TCP on the meter when the track is armed.
- This theme uses faders (aka: 'Sliders') for Volume & Pan instead of knobs.
- The theme uses Reaper v4 style track coloring.
- If you want brighter meters, use the Theme Tweaker to turn off the interlace style meters.
- This theme works in Reaper v2 and v3 using the 2 additional RTconfigs for those versions.

- desaturated/removed color from backgrounds and non active buttons.
- changed text and symbols on almost all buttons.
- swapped the meter and fader positions on the MPC layouts
- split the 4 MPC 'Compact' layouts into 2 Narrow and 2 Strip layouts and reorganized them

- made I/O & NoRec missing states buttons for the MPC and TPC
- made a dedicated I/O button for the MASTER MPC
- made a dedicated FXin button for the MCP and TCP
- Big Meter layouts for the MPC and Master MPC
- Sidebar layout for the MCP
- Separator and VCA layouts for the MPC and TCP
- Blue, Green, Red and Gold (aka: yellow) fader layouts for the MCP & TCP.

---------------------- CHANGELOG ----------------------
UPDATE: 10/14/2020
- added track labels to the Separator layouts
- updated the screenshots to reflect the current state of the theme.

UPDATE: 10/04/2020
- added TCP FX & Send List images for Reaper v6.14
- altered to FXParam images to match the above
- Rebuilt the MCP FX list, FX Param List and Send list.
- created new Mute and Solo buttons for the MCP Strip layout
- tweaked the Narrow layout meter position & length

UPDATE: 09/16/2020
- slightly resized Default and all layouts based on that size for better appearance.
- adjusted meter position & length when FXin button is active on TCP & MCP
- set FXin button to appear when track is armed for MPC "PAN ON TOP", "WIDTH CONTROL", "WIDTH CONTROL PAN ON TOP" and "BIG METER" layouts.
- Fixed issue with Toolbar text buttons being hard to read when not active.
- changed Big Meter Volume background for better appearance
- swapped meter and fader positions for MPC PAN ON TOP layout. (issue was missed in earlier versions)
- added alternative RTconfig files for better compatibility with Reaper v2 & v3.
- updated the screenshots

UPDATE: 09/15/2020
- improved meters for all layouts
- took brightness out of the FX Bypass button to better match other non-active buttons
- added Volume Label to bottom of the MCP Big Meter layout
- fixed graphic error on VCA layout
- updated the screenshots


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