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I have narrowed down the source of my problem - but still not the cause.

At the end of my ProcessDoubleReplacing() block, after the "Sampleframes" loop, I have a section "if(GetGUI())" where I update all the plugin's meters and other display controls using "GetGUI()->SetControlFromPlug(Controlldx, value)". I have a dozen IBitmapControls that I update here. If I comment out random parts of this code the ISwitchControl (which is not touched anywhere in this block) works properly.

It's one of those "why is it doing THAT?!" situations that makes no sense. Something in the display update from ProcessDoubleReplacing() is stepping on the ISwitchControl GUI update - and ONLY the ISwitchControl - all other controls and displays work properly.

Any advice on how to solve this?

BTW - in Pro Tools, like many other DAWs, ProcessDoubleReplacing() is called even when the transport is not running. So it is odd that the problem I am seeing only occurs when the transport IS running. Any clues there?

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