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Default Integrate Reaticulate

It seems like it could be a really good solution if Justin and schwa and Tack could open up some dialogue about getting Reaticulate more developed and maintreamed into Reaper. It seems like a possibility that could realistically happen.

Reaper development is really great, and I see it taking over a lot of more expensive DAWs due to the release cycle and the aggressive development of both devs, but more help could really take Reaper to new levels. Not necessarily for the sake of money, which Justin may already have enough of, and which doesn't seem to be his primary motive regardless, but to make this DAW even better in the spirit of excellence and service.

I've read Tack's source code and it's really well done. He's a good developer and he knows what he's doing. He could be a great addition to the Reaper team for this particular project.

I hope Justin and schwa will consider it.
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