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Question using 7.1.2 plugins for ambisonics ?

Hey everyone,

since the Dolby Atmos Production Suite isn't coming to Windows anytime soon, my only option for immersive audio is using ambisonics right now. What really bothers me though, is the fact, that many VST effects & reverbs support Atmos bed tracks, but not ambisonics.

I'm mostly interested in using Reverb plugins and could probably decode FOA to 7.1.2 with RØDE Soundfield. But how would I convert 7.1.2 back to ambisonics?

I know there are commercial decoders available from Harpex, Penteo and BlueRipple. But they're anything but cheap and I'd rather spend that money on Verberate Immersive or one of the Exponential Audio 3D Reverbs once they're on sale.

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