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Originally Posted by Soli Deo Gloria View Post
- An option to go back (in all simultaneous) configs to a user-specified slot with a dedicated action. For example, Im using CC24 to load next slot and CC25 to go back to the previous one. With this idea, CC26 (assigned to this new action) could go back to 0, 1 or any slot number one specifies...
I did a (set of) jsfx'es that does this "on top of LiveConfigs". It defines songs and preset "steps" in songs. (Each preset "step" in a song is assigned to (e.g.) a LiveConfigs line). Right now it is controlled by PC keyboard shortcuts but I am planning to make it listen to Midi events.

With this additional level of abstraction you can set up the LiveConfigs table just according to the sounds/patches, independently form the performance you are planning.

This Toolset also features a nice sizable display.

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