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Hi Jeffos!

Thanks so much for the update!! Eight configs is a nice number, indeed! I am designing a setup for a band I will join again after some break, and Live Configs are a great tool; Reaper´s community cannot thank you enough for your achievement.

One question : is it possible to load for each FX a set of fxps? In the Set Preset menu, I see the fxp format mentioned, but it doesn´t seem to allow loading it.

Right now, for the type of maneuvers we´re needing in this project - and mainly due to Reaper´s handling of its own preset system, in a global fashion -, I´m using Bidule in a Reaper´s track to host FXs and handle presets and programming in the most flexible way. Nevertheless, I´m using extensively Live Config´s Monitor Window, which is just perfect to have feedback of the changes I trigger with a left-foot pedal, and I even integrate it with your wonderful MIDItoReaControl plug, which allows me to send back some manipulated CC in Bidule to ascend/descend through the Config list in sync with Bidule´s changes (!)

Right now, I have to say everything is gorgeous regarding this tool. If you want a couple of ideas, I can leave the following to your consideration :

- An option to go back (in all simultaneous) configs to a user-specified slot with a dedicated action. For example, I´m using CC24 to load next slot and CC25 to go back to the previous one. With this idea, CC26 (assigned to this new action) could go back to 0, 1 or any slot number one specifies...

- An option to float independently and/or simultaneously the monitor windows of all Configs. Not right now, but at some point, I´ll be in charge of a project with 5 controllers and 2 voices. If you´re in the computer supervising everything, it could be useful to have an insight of the changes of each performer - with the possibility to trigger a change if something went wrong with one of them -.

Just a couple of ideas, in case you consider them of any value. As I said before, Reaper´s preset handling needs a revision, for my taste, but this tool is already, as mschnell says, a wonderful approach to using Reaper as a live musical instrument.

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