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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
To decently test it, I would need to install the beta version on the same PC but be able to go on using the proven version for production. Is this somehow possible ?
Sure. To make it safe, you can 1) work on copies of your production RPP files (I mean RPP files with your Live Config data)
2) you can rename the "stable" reaper_sws.dll you are using (or .dylib on OS X) into something like __stable_reaper_sws.dll, and then install the SWS beta (this way, you can restore the backup/stable version at any time).

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
You do remember that I did an update to the user manual reflecting the current version. Do you want me to update it to the version to come ?
Yes, I remember, and thanks a lot for that (again)!
Feel free to update the doc, but may be wait for the next few SWS versions to come: things will probably evolve again (moving some code from a separate extension to the SWS open source...).

BTW, may be I'll tweak this doc too... Do you have an editable version of doc to share? (googledoc or something?)

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