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Originally Posted by Retro Audio Enthusiast View Post
I trained in arts & design years ago and I have to say White Tie is a true artist, and his work, whether it is currently working or not (as he said there is still 6 months to go) is a masterpiece of design.
All the praise is highly deserved and I really think his work is in another class.

Bravo sir!


Artists occasionally like to share what they are working on. No reason need be given.

His work is brilliant. Innovative. He thinks outside the box and brings something new to the table. He's a real innovator. His work, at whatever state of completion, has every right to be shown to the world.
I have to add a hearty +1 to this! This is most certainly a master piece of art with some very clever and practical use of WALTER that we somewhat lesser themers can learn from.
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