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Originally Posted by cubic13 View Post
I wouldn't say that, but well... I'm sorry to say that it's not 'moderatly usable', it's simply unusable for me at its present state. Seems that the mixer is more or less ready, "because, well, it's Imperial". Then...

- Why, for several layouts and a wide range of mixer heights, the meters are simply invisible ? Rather a strange choice for mixing...
- For other range of heights, why the three dots below each extended mixer section are superposing with its controls, especially the 'sends' ones ? And are these really necessary ?
- For the 'Stockholm' layouts, why do we have a blank area, with a strange black outgrowth at the bottom of it, displayed instead of the extended area controls ?
- Still for the 'Stockholm' layouts, why don't the folders indicators lit as for the other ones ?
- For 'Default' and 'Stockholm' layouts, What happened to the mcp.recmon control ? IMO, at least the 'Default' layouts should show ALL the available controls that could be used in the mixer.
- Has the 'Tracking deck (neat)' layout been really tested ? It's completely buggy, with several controls displayed over other ones.
- About the 'Sidecar' ones, wouldn't it be more coherent to show a fader as for the other layouts, instead of a huge blank area ?
- Is it normal that there is no minimal vertical size of the mixer, especially in a theme for which the mcp.extmixer.mode is set to [1] ?

At this point, I'm really wondering what the 'implicitly trusted testers' have been doing, from which this present post. And I have to mention questionable display choices, among others, several labels that don't follow Reaper terminology (i.e. 'Solo safe' instead of 'Solo defeat') or the mcp.trackidx vertical position that vary with layouts choosed.

With this, I know that beside the mixer, things are still under development, but I can't avoid mentioning also several things that need a quick fix :
- The tcp master track shows only, beside the fader and the meters, the master.tcp.solo control for the 'Layout default'. Is this by design ? And using the 'a1 -- Default' one shows nearly unusable crunched controls.
- Still for the tcp.master track, why aren't we able to redimension it vertically to reduce its size ? There is a non Walter statement can be added in the rtconfig.txt header for this : tcp_master_minheight 22
- The transport panel is oversized and the 'Compact' layout is buggy with, among others, a 'Loop' button overextended and covering the 'selection' fields.
- Still for the transport panel : the 'Center transport controls' option doesn't work. Could be useful for some...
- In the track list, the tcp.trackidx is almost invisible : something should be done, here.
- We really need true and visible folder indentation of the tracks list in the arrangement window. Much more useful than any folder indentation in the mixer, in my view.

And finally... This theme .ReaperThemeZip file uses no less than 7.3 Mb and is the only theme I know of that shows a significant delay when loading it. Is there anything that could be done to optimize it and make it more sober ?

Sorry to disturb, with all this, the fanboys fest...
cubic13 -

Would you care to share some of your unfinished music so that we may break them down into things we don't like, or feel need work on? I think it's only fair.

Link please...

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