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Default Problems routing A mix of DId and MIDI instruments

Hey folks. I’ve been using NINJAM to play with out of town friends recently and have had NINJAM set up for multiple instruments (on my end) and it worked but; I wanted to give the option to other people to mix the different instruments I’m sending into NINJAM.

I watched the tutorial videos and got everything set up. And when I’m in the NINJAM console without being connected to a server everything works exactly like I want it to. All my instruments are routed to different local channels; and when arm them all simultaneously and play they are only picked up in the local channel they are assigned to. Which is great. But as soon as I join a lobby. The MIDI instruments stop sending to NINJAM.

It all worked fine when I had 2 guitars, one bass, MIDI drums and three keyboards all set to one local channel; but as I said before, I’d like to give my friends the option to mix out something they don’t want to hear.

Any pointers on this one guys? Thanks in advance.

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