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Originally Posted by Nonlinear View Post
UPDATE: I just loaded Logic 10.5.1 on Big Sur (Intel) and my plugin works perfectly.

SO - the automation bug - at least in my case (but maybe affecting everyone here, even on ARM) - is with Logic 10.6.1
After finally reinstalling my complete Big Sur system due to an incomplete and failing 11.1 update (what an unbelievable mess - thanks Apple) i tested Logic 10.5.1 and can't confirm your observations. Write automation fails as it does on 10.6.1. So no difference on my side. Testing on Big Sur 11.1 intel.

@Oli: Since i'm not very familiar with AU entry points and how and where they're established in IPlug, do you have any advice where to start for bug hunting or (since IPlug2 has no probs on intel) what are the differences between IPlug2 and Iplug1 in this concern?
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