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Originally Posted by olilarkin View Post
FWIW, automation Read/Write is working fine with Endless Series (WDL-OL/iPlug) in Logic 10.61 on Catalina (intel).
I tried to test your Endless Series plugin on my OS Catalina but it appears you haven't Signed and/or Notarized it as it refuses to install:

Here is a screen video of what MY "WDL-OL" plugins are doing in Logic Pro X 10.6.1 running in OS Catalina and OS Big Sur. Toggling any button/switch or selector control (BOOL and INT data types) updates the Track Info display correctly but does NOT get recorded or updated in the track timeline.

Rotary and linear controls (DOUBLE data types) DO record properly.

This problem does not occur in OS Mojave only in OS Catalina and OS Big Sur. It also works properly in Reaper in ALL OS versions.

This looks like a bug in Logic Pro X to me - i.e., Logic's timeline doesn't match track data. I have submitted a bug report to Apple.

Meanwhile, if this is problem in my plugin any thoughts about the possible cause - and why YOUR "WDL-OL" plugins work and mine don't? As stated above, when the plugin is run in Generic Editor mode automation WRITE works for all controls.

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