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Originally Posted by stw View Post
Both DAWs work fine in generic UI mode.
OK, we have that in common. Oli and Boz perhaps you could check your plugins in "Generic Editor Mode" as well? Perhaps this helps point to the cause of the problem.

All of us seem to be saying that automation WRITE is not working properly in OS Big Sur but what I have discovered - at least in my case - is that the problem actually started with OS Catalina. I suspect the reason is that Catalina was the first OS to eliminate 32-bit support.

Even though I'm building all of my plugins as 64-bit perhaps there is SOMETHING in the generated AU component package that is still 32-bit?

I have been compiling my plugins in Xcode 10 without any issues however I just tried compiling the same package in Xcode 11 and it warns me that,

"This project contains the targets `base_32_intel` and `lice_32_intel` configured to build 32-bit architectures. Xcode requires that macOS targets support 64-bit architectures."

I do not get that warning in Xcode 10. So it appears that Xcode 11 is finding a problem that Xcode 10 did not report - and that problem (32-bit code) may be the underlying issue for OS Catalina and OS Big Sur. Perhaps Reaper is robust enough to work through it but Logic Pro X is more strict?

I am not smart enough to understand what to do with Base_32_intel or lice_32_intel or how to fix this but perhaps this info will trigger some thought from those of you more skilled. This may not be the problem with your plugins but perhaps it's related.
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