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Originally Posted by Nonlinear View Post
Unfortunately I was wrong here. After further testing I have discovered that my AU plugins work properly in Reaper but do NOT work properly in Logic Pro X. The problem only affects BOOL and INT controls (switches) - rotary/linear controls (DOUBLES) write/read properly.
I just discovered this is only an issue when using the plugin in GUI editor mode. If I switch to Generic Editor write/read works properly for all controls in all OS.

When in GUI mode it appears Logic is only recording a snapshot of the Bool/Int controls on transport stop/start. Does not capture changes while running.

So it appears to be a GUI interrupt/thread issue - but only for Bool/Int parameters - and it started with OS Catalina. I am only building 64-bit but is it possible there is still some 32-bit remnant in the iPlug bundle that is causing this?

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