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Originally Posted by Nonlinear View Post
I have tested my AU, VST, VST3 and AAX builds in Reaper, Logic Pro X and Pro Tools 2020.11 on Big Sur on an older Mac (Intel) and they all write and read automation as expected. All iPlug1 plugins.
Unfortunately I was wrong here. After further testing I have discovered that my AU plugins work properly in Reaper but do NOT work properly in Logic Pro X. The problem only affects BOOL and INT controls (switches) - rotary/linear controls (DOUBLES) write/read properly.

While in WRITE mode clicking on an INT or BOOL control changes the status shown in Logic's track info window - so Logic IS getting the signal - but it does not record those changes to the data lane. All plugin controls do respond properly in READ mode.

Whatever the problem is in Logic I traced it back to have started with OS Catalina and it has carried forward to Big Sur. Everything works properly in Mojave.

At least in my case this appears to be an issue internal to Logic Pro X - Write/Read works properly for all controls in the AU version in Reaper in all OS. VST and VST3 versions also work properly in Reaper and so does AAX in Pro Tools.

Since the status shows up properly in the Logic's info section - and all works in Reaper - this appears to be a problem in Logic Pro X and not the plugin, IMO. Logic's native plugins, of course, work properly, so...?

BTW - Logic/Auval reports all controls as Readable and Writeable and PASS validation.

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