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I tried recently building IplugEffect (IPlug1) using CodeBlocks 20.03 with TDM64-GCC-5.1.0. Despite the 32 bit setup in the project, the plugin built 64 bit.

But I had to make changes to the function:

// File wdl-ol-master\WDL\IPlug\IGraphicsWin.cpp

void IGraphicsWin::PromptForFile(WDL_String* pFilename, EFileAction action, WDL_String* pDir, char* extensions)
  if (rc)
    char drive[_MAX_DRIVE];
    //#ifndef __MINGW_H // TODO: alternative for gcc
    #ifdef _MSC_VER // MS Visual Studio
    if(_splitpath_s(ofn.lpstrFile, drive, sizeof(drive), dirCStr, sizeof(dirCStr), NULL, 0, NULL, 0) == 0)
      pDir->SetFormatted(MAX_PATH_LEN, "%s%s", drive, dirCStr);
By the way, no one has a CBP project for IPlug2?
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