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Default Exporting MIDI from GarageBand on Catalina

I recently struggled to get a MIDI file exported from a GarageBand project and found a solution I thought I'd share here.

Googling around the subject will bring you to a place like this), which describes using a brilliant tool by Lars Kobbe (available on GitHub here). However, the tool doesn't seem to be compatible with Catalina (which requires 64-bit applications).

All is not lost however - if you're happy using the Terminal on your Mac you can use Lars' Perl script directly:

* Download the script from here.
* You can save it wherever you like, but I have put mine in the directory where GarageBand saves its loops (/Users/username/Library/Audio/Apple Loops/User Loops/SingleFiles).
* Export a MIDI track or region as a loop from GarageBand using the instructions on one of the above websites.
* Run the script from your terminal:

cd ~/Library/Audio/Apple Loops/User Loops/SingleFiles
perl my_loop.aif my_loop.mid
Then you can import my_loop.mid into Reaper (or another DAW of course).

Hope that helps someone!
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