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Originally Posted by Olfdan View Post
Thanks a lot for your help and suggestions!

I've tried to download the lua script but all I get is a document in plain text that Reaper doesn't load. I don't know why that happens.

I haven't tried spectral editing. I'll give that a try.

Ok so you are not familiar with lua scripts it seems... a bit tricky but easy also... try this:

go back to that page... click on the link and click on the icon on that page until you see a page that is numbered on the left with lots of lines of text code...
Select all that text code... be sure to select ONLY the code... hit control+C to copy it...
Open a text editor... notepad will do
Paste that code into it and then do a Save As...
Name your saved file like this:
Wave Editor.lua.txt
...go to where you saved it... remove the .txt from the file name so it only says: Wave Editor.lua

Copy or cut and paste into your Scripts folder that is in your Reaper resources folder...

Open the actions list and find the button to load reascript... clk that and navigate to that file in the Scripts folder and tell it OK...
Now it will show up in the Actions list like anyother action... you can assign it a hot key if you like or just dbl clk it or select it and clk on Run

You have to have a wav file selected and a small time selection on that item where you want to edit it...
...should be fixed for the next build...
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