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Default Best way to remove tiny clicks


I'm trying to find the best way to remove clicks from a 16 channel recording I'm in the midst of mixing. For some strange reason, new sound card..., there are clicks once in a while. I'm currently trying to figure out whats causing the clicks when recording.

But the clicks are there and I need to remove them. I have found several different ways to do that but they all seem kind of strange for me. I'm a long time Pro Tools user and in PT you just grab the pencil tools and rewrite the waveform if you want to remove a click.

So far I've found different ways of using volume controls to get rid of the click sound, or splitting the file and do a fade and so forth. Is this the best way of getting rid of clicks?

Are any way to just rewrite the waveform?
For me that would be the most straight forward way to do it.

Are there other ways to do it that I haven't found?

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