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Originally Posted by headcase915 View Post
im rendering to wav... when i mix down im rendering to 48khz at 24 bits. insert steero file into new project send to aux with fx chain master fader at z with nada on it render to 41khz 16bit still wav... place on ipod (still in wav mind you no converting to mp3 at this point) turn on vehicle and (POOP) sound vomit.... doesn't sound anything like what im hearing before i render.. but im gonna try leaving everything at 41khx 16bit to see if that works however my only questin would be...

"if im not changing the frq or bit rate should i uncheck dithering and noise shaping?
Yes uncheck if your not converting

general rule, only do dither and noise shaping upon last coversion to 16bit/44.1

it is not going to cause the issues your describing.

If the rendered wav file sounds wierd my suggestion would be to render your MIX down to 44.1 and not 48.

Pull the 44.1/24 bit file into your mastering project and try again.

Maybe something is wierd with processing and rendering and downsampling dithering all at the same time
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