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Originally Posted by TomBow View Post
Is the PreSonus Atom worth the effort to use with Reaper, or is there a better product? I like the form factor of the Atom, the functionality with Studio One, but it appears it doesn't work with Reaper as it does with Studio 1? ...
I am looking for pads that will take light taps to trigger, not requiring hard pounding to get to trigger.
I'm just starting out as well, but I'm super happy with my ATOM. I spent a lot of time trying to find a good pad setup without spending hundreds, and this is what I came down to (also recommended by The Quest for Groove). It is true that there a little more in-depth integration that the ATOM has with Studio One, but kenm here has done a tremendous job implementing some scripting for Reaper. I am still looking for a replacement for Studio One's ImpactXT instrument, but Sitala seems to be getting there.

I think the pads are great, and do not require hard pounding, but like I said, this is my first device so I don't have a lot of reference.

Good luck to you!
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