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Default Porting old Csurf plugin for Steinberg CC121 from Win to Mac

I am the owner of a Steinberg CC121 controller for which a now-inactive Reaper forum user, Rome, has created a Csurf plugin for Windows only back in 2009-2015. I am a mac user and wanted to see if anyone knowledgeable about programming for Reaper could see the point in converting it to Mac OS. It could be that Reaper changed so much since 2015, where the plugin was written for the effort to make no sense.

Could somebody weigh in with their take?

Here's what the original programmer has to say about porting:

Originally Posted by Rome View Post
3. The plugin itself is platform independent but the GUI is not. It's pure Windows API but it's not very complicated so it should be fairly easy to create something similar with OSX. I don' have much experience with current OSX programming but there are some examples in the SDK from cockos that might get you started.
And here's the thread for the Steinberg CC 121 Csurf plugin by Rome (quote above is from same thread):

If it is a feasible effort I would be happy to compensate the programmer for his/her time and share the result freely with the community.

Either way I'm way exited about having found Reaper and the community behind it. best regards, Roy Hansen.
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