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Originally Posted by Hinfance View Post
What a very technical thread this is. I, however, have a much more basic issue - I cannot get Reaper to work with my ATOM. I am running Reaper 5.99 x64, Windows 10 Home. My other control surfaces are an Impulse 61, a Korg X5 (midi through my Behringer UMC 404), and Akai MPC Element. All of these work.

The ATOM works perfectly with Studio One and also with Cubase Pro 10 which I am also fortunate enough to have a licence for. The ATOM appears on the MIDI Devices list as enabled, and I also added the Presonus FaderPort to the control surfaces list.

The error message I get is "The following MIDI inputs (outputs) could not be opened".

Any help getting Reaper to open the ATOM would be very gratefully received.
Hi Hifance,

Sorry for the technical deep dive. Do you happen to have the ATOM configured as a control surface as well as a MIDI IO device? This can cause a problem. Is it possible that you also have something else (another DAW?) connected to the ATOM already? I had a problem when MIDIOX was running as it would "lock" the ATOM even though it would show up in the Reaper device list.

By the way, I abandoned using the CSI project for the reasons I stated above. The ATOM is both a control surface as well as a MIDI instrument but Reaper doesn't support that very well. The scripts in my Github repo support the hybrid mode using a dedicated track for MIDI control input.

One way of debugging this is to rename your REAPER.INI file (In RESOURCE Path) and try to connect just the ATOM with a fresh configuration.

Hope this helps,
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