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Originally Posted by ngarjuna View Post
Apocryphal (I think Bill Porter said this but I don't recall it was a number of years ago): bus is actually the correct spelling, as in busbar, but engineers in the classic days wanted to separate the spelling from confusion with the word "bus" and all of its various connotations so they took to mispelling it with the extra "s". No idea if that's true or not. [...]
In any case, it's exactly the type of contextual information that I was apparently missing. It would definitely explain that it appears much more often that you'd expect if it was some random spelling mistake. Thanks for clarifying that! (and sorry for the brief OT)

And back on topic: still waiting for any responses on my mention of the airwindows stuff. Is it because they're Mac-only that nobody else mentioned them here yet? Or does anybody think they don't compare favorably to the ones mentioned? (I don't really have an opinion about that yet, since I don't have much experience with this type of plug-in yet).
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