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Originally Posted by dr_After View Post
I used NLS, used TB, I have also Nebula and many others (like SK). And I have one conclusion: the MAGIC happens way before those plugins. It's in the melody, emotions and composer's vision. I have lot of mixes that I love and they were made completely ITB without those plugins. They were made using some not-the-state-of-art compressors and eq, but there was a vision. and this vision shines.

But If I could advise - Nebula sounds great, but it will eat all resources you've got. It can be frustrating. NLS is fine, but don't drive it too much - it can ruin your mix if you overdose. TB - quite impressive little thing! SKNote - nice but use with caution. Satson - I haven't used it (much), I don't have an opinion.
Totally reasonable assessment. Honestly, it's console emulation; if the consoles you were wanting to emulate (the greatest desks ever made) made night and day changes to your audio they wouldn't be considered the greatest desks ever made. That's why I tend to dislike any console emulation that's "easy" to hear; that's not how great consoles work.
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