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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Hey come on, where's that home town pride! My grandmother lived her whole life in Queens, one of her favorite stories was when she visited Oklahoma and somebody told her "yer accent sands funny!"

Whereabout in Queens?

Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
Those "east coast" accents vary from the NY area to like Boston or some of those other kinda Northeastern areas but they are very recognizable. OTOH, southern accents seem to kinda all blend in together (to me anyway) until you get down into Texas or Louisiana or similar.

When I hear someone who sounds like the Kennedy's I think "east coast". Kenny's voice has more of a "concrete jungle" tone as opposed to that upper crust Mass. sailboat tone... so NY or thereabouts.

Great looking video series Kenny.

It actually gets more narrow than that. My wife is from the North Shore of Long Island and no one talks (tawks) like me there.

We now live in Charleston, SC and people will just ask me to say things so they can laugh.

Originally Posted by bluzkat View Post

Your voice sounds just fine.

I just watched a few of the tutorials... Damn!! These are freakin' excellent!!

You explain things very clearly without making complex issues complex (ie the routing window).

Get ready for your large dose of Reaper 'love' (once the word spreads on these videos).

Thank you soo very much.
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