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Originally Posted by Kenny Gioia View Post
I really think it will.

This isn't a sales pitch. I really believe that Reaper is hands down the best composing and editing DAW out there. It's just different enough from the others, that a lot of people try it and just go back to their previous DAW. The learning curve is surprisingly steep for such a simple program.

But the beauty of it is that once you get past that initial step, you're golden. It's fast. Simple. And you're hooked. I know I am. Editing in any other DAW (not mentioning names) is brutal for me now.


Have you discussed this with your peers over at GS?

P.S. - Can you please convince ChrisJ to port his NC-17 plugin over to PC? I've offered him a free PC to develop it on, but he's still refusing. Maybe you could make him an offer that he cannot refuse to speak.

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