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Default Instrument and Tronic - superb flat themes

(Since there was no thread started by Kusakanaka)

I wanted to create a thread to show my admiration to Kusakanaka's work and these themes!

These really are, in my opinion, the best flat themes for Reaper that are out there.

I've been using Tronic as my main theme but switched to Instrument 3 when it came out!

Tronic can be found here:

and Instrument 3 here:

Both are flat, have a nice grey look to them and are super-easy on the eyes!

How many of you are using these? They are highly rated on Stash so it seems others like these too!

Thanks to Kusakanaka for these absolute awesome themes which are free! Would also love to somehow support your work (paypal?), so I hope you post here!

All the best,

Pink Wool

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