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Originally Posted by amagalma View Post
How could I get the list of items in a combox?
Not sure if the API has been updated since I tried that (post 249), but I ended up doing it like,..

itemCount = reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Send(combo, "CB_GETCOUNT", 0,0,0,0 )
cur_index = reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Send(combo, "CB_GETCURSEL", 0,0,0,0) -- save current index
for i = 0, itemCount-1 do 
  reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Send(combo, "CB_SETCURSEL", i, 0,0,0)
  t[#t+1] = reaper.JS_Window_GetTitle(combo,"") -- save item text to table
reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Send(combo, "CB_SETCURSEL", cur_index, 0,0,0) -- restore index
Odd thing is, I can't get the handle to that ComboBox or any of the children on that window, I got combobox handle from SPY++ to test that code.

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