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Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
No its not drawing anything
This is very strange, and I have no idea it isn't working on your system. The other macOS users that encountered problems with compositing see opaque graphics, while you see nothing. I wonder if your system truly fails to composite, or whether it makes the bitmap fully transparent -- analogous to how the bitmap becomes fully opaque on other users' Macs

Given that even the barebones script doesn't draw anything on your system, I suspect that the reason why the Area51 script isn't drawing anything either, is not a bug in the Area51 script.

Moreover, the fact that you can't get keyboard input, makes me wonder if something has gone awry with your installation or with the dylib.

Could you test keyboard input by running this script, and checking the value of "key" in the IDE while you pre?

function loop()
    key = reaper.JS_VKeys_GetState(t or -1):find("\1") or key
    t = reaper.time_precise()
You can try checking the return value of JS_Composite for errors, and well as the list of linked bitmaps, using JS_Composite_ListBitmaps, to see if the bitmap was truly linked.
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