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Originally Posted by b0se View Post
That's a great tip, need to add that to the FAQ still, thanks.

The Theme Adjuster is very simple compared to the alternative, WT did a great job on it! It's not an all encompassing editor for Reaper, it offers specific options for the user to change.

Changing something such as pan/volume colour is 'minutiae' and is done manually. You need to unpack the theme and edit rtconfig.txt. The lines you need to change are:

set tcp.pan.label.color [180 180 180]

That's RBG. Make it brighter with [200 200 200] or similar. Same for:

set tcp.volume.label.color [180 180 180]

This kind of thing has been covered in the forum many times, just search for more explicit instructions.

Thank you.

I was confusing the simple Theme Adjustor with the very deep/complcateded line-by-line Reaper one.
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