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Originally Posted by PointReyes View Post
Also, how do I enable the colored fader knobs the mixer?
If you want to manually configure them for each track, just select the Mixer Layout for the fader cap color you want. If you want the colors of the caps to automatically match the color of your channels via a more automatic approach...

How do I get colored fader-caps layouts to automatically appear?
If you want to use the colored fader caps, a best practice approach is to use the SWS Autocolor/Icon/Layout extension. For instance, set the same shade of green used in Smooth for your drum tracks, then in the MCP Layout column of that screen, enter: 150%_A green (or whatever layout you want to use). Repeat for each color/layout. Then under options, make sure "Auto-Track Coloring" and 'Enable Auto Track Layout" are enabled. Now your tracks and mixer fader caps will automatically be colored accordingly.
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