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Originally Posted by b0se View Post
Attribution You must give appropriate credit (myself for the UI, White Tie for the theme code, theme adjuster and icon images)
Oooh no. No no no. Very murky waters ahead, I urge you to please reconsider your position, lets not let this turn into something boring. Oh, and the Default V6 theme isn't mine, its the property of Cockos Inc.

I understand entirely why you would want control over your creative output. You don't want money, you just don't want to see it get messed up. I totally get that. I have had mods of Imperial done that near make my eyes bleed and soul weep. But here's the thing: if someone likes the horrible thing they did, and they share it, and someone else likes it, that's two people getting more value out of you work than they did the way you left it. Yes, they are wrong, you're probably right, but to those two people your work has gained value.

I urge you, please, to change course. Do your work, put it out, then let what happens happen. Let your bits appear in all manner of themes, and take on a life of their own in Reaper themes; beyond what you imagine, I guarantee at least something will bring you delight.

I often ask people not to mod my themes until they are finished, that's what I did with my WIP Imperial v5 and my request has been respected completely. Nice people, round here.

As ever, if anyone were to start charging for your work, just say the word and I'll bring all of my (FWIW) admin powers on your behalf, and I'd also pee in their coffee.
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