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Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
Which is the right way too do this stuff (as I've understand). Mouse becomes little unresponsive:
1. Movement is not tracked well (I guess because of 30hz defered speed)
2. If you grab the item to move it and your mouse gets over FADE or ITEM EDGE because of issue above, it starts to trigger moving fades and item edges and click stuff around.
It might work better -- and feel more accurate for the user -- if you pass the original data of each message through unaltered, instead of updating the mouse position:
reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Intercept(w, "WM_LBUTTONDOWN", false)
pOK, pass, time, wLow, wHigh, lLow, lHigh = reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Peek(w, "WM_LBUTTONDOWN")
reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Post(w, "WM_LBUTTONDOWN", wLow, wHigh, lLow, lHigh)
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