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Originally Posted by Funkybot View Post
Hi b0se, ou've probably noticed it already, but there's a tiny little glitch visible when the pan isn't centered. Like a tiny, tiny vertical line appears where the center circle meets the blended bar that extends from it.
That is the "zeroline."

From the Theme images website:-

tcp_vol_zeroline AABBGGRR ; sets the ABGR value of the tcp's volume fader zero line. FFFF0000 would be solid blue, for example (v2.0+) -- note that this used to be documented incorrectly.
tcp_pan_zeroline AABBGGRR ; tcp pan fader zero line color (v2.0+)
tcp_width_zeroline AABBGGRR ; tcp width fader zero line color
mcp_vol_zeroline AABBGGRR ; mcp vol fader zero line color (v2.0+)
mcp_pan_zeroline AABBGGRR ; mcp pan fader zero line color (v2.0+)
mcp_width_zeroline AABBGGRR ; mcp width fader zero line color
trans_speed_zeroline AABBGGRR ; transport speed fader zero line color (v2.0+)
item_volknobfg AABBGGRR parm2 parm3 ; item volume knob, parm2 is zero-gain color, parm3 is pushed color
envcp_min_height 24 ; minimum envelope panel height
mcp_min_height 230 ; minimum mixer panel height
no_meter_reclbl 1 ; don't show tcp meter record-input label
gen_pan_zeroline AABBGGRR ; general pan fader zero line color
gen_vol_zeroline AABBGGRR ; general vol fader zero line color
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