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Default Graphic Bugs: Volume Knob Image in custom themes

I'm still seeing the image bugs in older custom (non-default) themes that I reported earlier for Reaper 6.00, 6.01 & 6.02 and the previous dev build (all x64).
I checked reaper602+dev1228_x64 and it has the same issue.

Volume Knob Image Bug
The MCP Master knob is coded to be larger than the knob for the same layout in the MCP mixer, but the Master is using the Small knob image instead of the Large knob image

If I change the Master knob size to match the mixer knob size, it looks correct.
Both are using the large knob from the main folder.
If I make the mixer knob larger to match the Master, the mixer knob now also uses the small knob from the main folder.

If I then rename a copy of the large knob to "small" then it works correctly.

This is the code for both the Master volume knob and the mixer volume knob.
both layouts should be usisng the Large knob

set mcp.volume.fadermode 		[1] 
set mcp.volume 				h<327 [0] [24 509 32 34 0 1 0 1]

set master.mcp.volume 			h<344 [0] [21 530 36 38 0 1 0 1] 
set master.mcp.volume.fadermode 	[1]
The images work fine in Reaper 5.91
I'm running Win 7 SP1

see screenshots of the issue in post #7 from the v6.02+dev1222 thread.
Themes : LCS_ZeroDarkSix : LCS_Flat-6 : LCS_Flat-6_MBE :
Themes : LCS_Mahina_SE : LCS_Luna_SE : LCS_Sesshin : LCS_BlueCore :

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