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@b0se, what font/label area are you trying to change?

In concern of font usage/drawing, the whole scenario is somewhat a mystery to me as well. Some fonts display as expected, other seem impossible to control.

and yes,
Ė in the case of v6 default, obviously it is designed to be used with the Calibri font, as defined within rtconfig.
Ė additionally some font styling and colors can be user-defined with theme tweaker, but not all apparently.
Ė furthermore certain rules for coloring and transparency are defined inside rt, eg. Pan labels.

For your information I have Calibri installed here on mac, but still Iím unable to change certain styles and definitions, so having the correct font isnít necessary a solution.

Users that do not have the actual font installed on their system, will have a fall-back font displayed. In case of def.6, the fall-back is typically Helvetica or Arial, depending on platform and nearest family available.

Hereís an example of three different typefaces present in Def.6 and Helvetica that many users see as fall-back substitution:

On another note,
I have tried really hard to find out how to change the font used in the MCP VU meter peak readout, but still no luck. I believe thereís a problem since the peak readout is cropped in def.6 (def.5 doesnít have it), and I notice this cropping is also present in your mock-up here:

The cropping can be avoided by changing label width and margins in, but unfortunately when I tried this myself, it pushes the narrow and extended view in mcp.

If you, or someone have a solution how to redefine the vu meter font, or perhaps a better way of resizing the peak readout area, I would be very grateful since Iím a total theme-rookie myself. Iím not trying to pick on your fine work b0se, and sorry if this is too much OT and not in your concern ツ

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